Launching Our New Research Platform

We just launched Research.AnyTreatment, a project funded through PCORI’s Pipeline to Proposal Awards program to build a partnership of individuals and groups who share a desire to advance patient-centered outcomes research focused on chronic pain.

At Research.AnyTreatment, we’re inviting researchers, doctors, and patients to propose new research topics, vote on the best ones, and help create a prioritized list of the research topics that matter to patients. Our ultimate goal is to turn these into real research studies!  Take a peek inside:


Are you a patient, researcher, or doctor who’s eager to working with our community to help us Read the rest

Membership is now entirely free.

We’ve returned to Free Membership across the board for our entire site.

We experimented with a subscription-based model for the past 30 days, and we decided to scrap it for these reasons:

We learned that a pay-what-you-can model is a better fit for our site and our members, so we’re switching to member donations (you can contribute here). Also, our members’ willingness to contribute treatment reviews (even for free) took a serious hit. Our mission to help chronically-ill patients relies on you sharing experiences and data with the community.

As of today, these are officially non-negotiable: 100% privacy Read the rest

Our Mission: To Find The Best Treatments For Your Health Issues

When we started building our treatment review system, the most ambitious thing we wanted to do is answer these questions with a few clicks:

“What are the highest rated treatments for [enter your condition]?”
“What are the highest rated treatments for [enter your symptom]?
“What are the highest rated drugs, alternative therapies, or anti-inflammatories for [enter condition or symptom]?”

Today we launched our prototype to start answering these questions, and it’s up at  Here’s what it looks like for Fibromyalgia:


To make this work for a patient population that’s used to trying

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New Forum, More Patient Privacy

Today we’re launching our new patient forum. We’re also announcing that it will be more private than it has ever been.

In the last year of this company’s short but never-boring history, the one issue that’s undoubtedly been the hardest to figure out, and the most contentious, has been the issue of privacy. A few months ago, we decided to open up a conversation with our entire community to revisit our stringent privacy settings, which essentially hides all user-generated content from search engines. That conversation ended up with us deciding to keep the site on lockdown.

But over the … Read the rest

Treatment Reviews: Answering your health questions

The AnyTreatment review database is designed to answer the health questions that you ask yourself. No more digging through forums hoping to win the disease-lottery and find your medical doppleganger. Use our search and filtering system to find exactly the information that you need. Not convinced? Let’s look at an example.

You go to your Doctor and they recommend that you try Cymbalta. Immediately, the questions start running through your head.

I wish I knew if other patients did ok on Cymbalta.

Has anyone with my condition and symptoms taken Cymbalta?

How can I figure out if Cymbalta works for

Read the rest

Physical Therapy for Low Back Pain
Might Not Work

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Early physical therapy might help low back pain but also might not really help?

Right now, if you go in to your Primary Care Physician with lower back pain, they’ll likely tell you to wait a few weeks to see if the pain resolves on its own before sending you off for physical therapy. New research says this isn’t a great idea. Not just the waiting, possibly the physical therapy itself.

The study looked at over 200 people and split them into two groups. One got the usual care (no interventions for the first 4 weeks) and … Read the rest

Medical Marijuana Reduces Opiate Overdoses by 25%

“Opioids are killing people right now,” said Dr. Kerr, whose previous research helped prove the efficacy of Vancouver’s controversial supervised-injection site, known as Insite. “There is no association with cannabis and mortality, and yet North America is in the midst of, really, what is a public-health emergency associated to opioid overdose deaths.” – Hagar, The Globe and Mail

medicine-385947_1920Let’s re-read that first line, “Opioids are killing people right now.” According to a United States NIH report, opiate overdoses killed over 16,000 people in 2013. We’ve heard recently that opiates aren’t working to address the chronic pain of up to Read the rest

Selena Gomez has Lupus:
Hopes and Concerns

I’m Hopeful. And I’m Concerned

Credit: LunchBox LP
Credit: LunchBox LP

Selena Gomez, the pop star who dated Justin Bieber and brought us hits like “Come & Get It” and “The Heart Wants What It Wants” just recently announced to the world that she was diagnosed with Lupus and even took a form of chemotherapy as treatment. This has sparked an incredible amount of public interest in Lupus. I’m not even a Lupus patient myself but my Facebook newsfeed absolutely blew up with links to articles about Lupus, all of them prominently featuring a picture of Selena. In case … Read the rest

Opiates for chronic pain don’t work for 80% of women?

Long-term opiate therapy only works for 20% women

Got chronic pain? Chances are that you’ve been offered and probably tried opiate medications to manage your pain.


New research from the University of Washington was just published in the Journal of Women’s Health that suggests that this might not be a great approach for the majority of women. The researchers called up over 2,000 people taking what they called chronic opioid therapy asking them how controlled their pain was (among other questions). The results?

Men and women were still suffering, but there were more women suffering than men. Over a quarter … Read the rest

The Placebo Effect is Getting Stronger

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Yes, according to a new study published in the journal Pain, the placebo effect is getting stronger. The twist? Only in the United States.

Are Americans getting that bad at determining whether a treatment is actually helping? Are we nationally becoming more gullible? Can patients trust their own responses to treatments? Are we all getting more desperate for treatments? Woah, slow down! Maybe, but let’s not jump to conclusions just yet, first let’s break down the study results.

The study out of McGill University wanted to understand more about some recent clinical trial failures for what were promising treatments … Read the rest